Thursday, April 19, 2012

TOO much? Confessions from Las Flores Mommy

So when I started this blog I was all gung ho for the first few weeks and then.... I'm sure any and all of you can relate with the fact that sometimes life just takes over and its a struggle just to slog through the day to day tasks of school drop offs and pick ups, email, laundry, workouts, groceries, cooking, homework, etc. I know that there are PLENTY of you out there... we commiserate at MOPS, chat quickly at drop off, and vent with a Facebook status. And we judge, compare, & wonder "How does she do it all?" I'll admit it I compare myself to other moms all the time, sometimes  like" I'm SOOO glad that's  NOT me" and other times its "Why can't I be more like____________?"

I also struggle with being a perfectionist so when the photos don't turn out EXACTLY like I wanted I don't write the post at all instead of  just doing it with fewer pics. Completing tasks has been my cross to bear as a mom because in my experience very rarely do I have an block of time that goes on uninterrupted--this isn't a complaint, mind you-- its part of being a mom with 3 kids and a busy schedule, I know this is what I signed up for. Its just when I feel like I have everything half done then at the end of the day I'm like "WHAT did I do ALL day?"  

I often struggle too with too many choices. When I have some free time often times I get stuck trying to decide WHAT to do with it:   Fold laundry or People magazine? Continue with the novel I'm reading or zone out to the latest episode of Real Housewives? Organize the closet or add to my Pinterest boards? Then what happens is, rather than taking the time to DO something, I waste it in a fit of indecision.

And then I remind myself that while my projects may be "undone" my kids aren't! Prioritizing for them often times leaves my "stuff" on the back burner at this phase in our lives, and too soon this phase will morph into something else. I"m trying to be less critical of myself and more forgiving. Recognizing what I do get done--even just the everyday stuff--rather than chastising myself for not living up to my own unrealistic expectations. So what if I didn't get it ALL done today. It will get done eventually, and we will all be happier for it if I can give myself a break once in a while. Too often I think as women we are too hard on ourselves and it's okay to cut ourselves some slack.

 I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day & I think it speaks volumes about taking the time to be in the now

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  1. Thank you! You really spoke to me. Also- that quote is so very true and is very touching. I feel good when I am present with my children and they feel good too. I would like that to become a habit.