Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Sticks

So it's 83 degrees outside, in February no less, gotta love California! and I thought about sharing one of my kids favorite healthy snacks- frozen yogurt sticks.

Yogurt Tubes are a quick, easy, way for kids to eat yogurt on the go, but they can get a bit messy. I am NOT a fan of cleaning up dairy products from all manner of surfaces, so anything that's going to make my life easier, I'm on it. You can get tube yogurt at any grocery store and Costco carries them too. I have also found them at Trader Joe's.     

I'm partial to the YoKids and Trader Joe's versions because we try to have our dairy products organic, hormone, and artificial ingredient free. However; I did buy the Sponge Bob GoGurt  (with no high fructose corn syrup) at Costco last time they had them in their coupon book. I will say that the Trader Joe's and YoKids are WAY easier to open, Not sure why.

So how do they go from squishy to frozen? Pop them upright in the door of your freezer, and store there. Storing them upright helps the yogurt to settle at the bottom of the tube for easier opening down the road.

Once frozen, open them up & then peel the wrapper down (like a banana)

Wrap it up with a paper napkin to make it comfortable to hold & then the kids just eat them like a Popsicle. Except NO DRIPS! As they continue to eat it they can push more yogurt up from the bottom & roll the wrapper up like. a toothpaste tube.

They are a super snack on a hot day, or anytime for that matter. 

Added bonus:  Storing them frozen also means that if you decide to pack them in their lunchbox, the tube will still be cold by lunchtime! I'm curious, do any of you do this too? What are some favorite snacks for your kids?

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